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  • Official Magic Submitter Coach
  • Over 8 Years of Professional SEO Experience
  • Over 100 Marketers Trained Every Month
  • Live One to One Training Sessions

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Email: info@magicsubmittertutorials.com

Welcome to Magic Submitter Tutorials.

My name is James and I am an Internet Marketer from Manchester, UK. In August 2012 I quit my JOB, as the Head of IT & SEO for a large Marketing company in the North of England. I took this decision, so that I could be at home enjoying life, with my 3 kids and to build upon my established Internet Marketing Business.

I am the OFFICIAL training coach for Magic Submitter (MS) and feature in the webinars for the software. I train over 100 users of the software every month on how to use it effectively.

I am a long term user of MS and use it with tremendous success to rank both my client’s and my own websites. I am available to coach users on how to get the best out of the software and also on how to successfully implement its capabilities into any SEO project. I coach experienced users of the software as well as anyone who is just starting out so it really doesn’t matter what your previous experience is. I can help to teach you to use it to effectively rank your websites in a proven, safe and successful manner.

What’s covered in the Training?

  • Setting up Proxies / HMA properly
  • Creating Profiles that stick
  • Using reporting features
  • Harvester Training
  • Campaign Wizard Training
  • Advanced Campaign Strategies
  • Onpage SEO
  • Google Authorship & Social Profiles

How is the training presented & whats the cost?

All training is presented via GoToMeeting. In preparation for a training call, I will send you a GoToMeeting link via email. Also please make sure that you have added magicsubmittertutorials to your Skype contact list.

I charge $50 per hour for Coaching. We can cover any of the topics listed above or I can run you through an entire campaign setup in 2 hours.

When block booking hours, I advise that splitting the sessions up help people to learn more. An example of this is that I can teach users how to create a campaign, in the first hour, before scheduling the second hour to review what they have done.


Buy Full Version of Magic Submitter through me and get 2 hours LIVE 1 on 1 training FREE.

Please clear your cookies and cache then restart your browser before clicking the link. At the bottom of the clickbank page it should say affiliate=jayfcf. Once purchased, please email me your clickbank receipt to qualify for the FREE training.

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  1. Andrew Middleton

    Magic submitter is a fantastic tool, but to someone who has never used it before it may look quite complex and complicated.

    However, after speaking to James he simplified the whole process from setting up profiles to setting up campaigns.
    James is brilliant and I would recommend that anyone who purchases magic submitter, also takes advantage of James’s extra training.

    You’ll not regret it, it’s worth every penny.

  2. If you’re considering buying James’ training program and you’re not quite sure about taking the plunge – please read.

    I have done many training programs through the years and I am always a bit hesitant when purchasing a training of this nature, there are simply a ton of scammers out there and it’s sometimes hard to decipher the which ones are legit. I purchased the 2 hours training and I am simply thrilled with James and what he delivered, if anything he under-promised and over-delivered!

    I learned multiple new concepts and tatics along with utliizing MS to it’s fullest potential. More importantly, James steered me away from doing things that would actually hurt my business that to me seemed like a pretty good idea to me.

    He has a lot of experience in the business and is an excellent instructor. If you want to discuss this with me personally, feel free to email me or skype me at skreuz1. I can’t say enough aobut James and the value that I received for my money. Well worth the investment.

  3. Hi there John , well it was a really strange way for a Stockport lad now north Manchester , to get to know you , via a southerner lol

    could you please contact me with a view to training , please

    maybe you can help out a fellow manc :)

    best regards steve

  4. Joe

    I have asked him a few questions regarding bookmarkings and he helped me a lot.
    He is a really nice guy.

  5. I got a lot of information on my first training with James.. Thank you so much for your help, James. Most of my posts are on page 2-7 on Google right now.. I’m still building links to get to the first page.. After the second training session, I hope that I can increase my ranking well on search engine.. :)

  6. James is an absolute Rock Star when it comes to SEO and internet marketing in general.

    I have bought a LOT of training from a lot of people that you have heard of and I can say with out a doubt that this is the best training that I have ever bought. When we wrapped up, I feel like I have a clear picture of how to properly use Magic Submitter and have also gotten some really great insights on several other marketing topics.

    James gives you the straight forward info on tactics that he is successfully using in his business in a clear and concise manner.

    I will be purchasing more training time with James as the need arises and consider this one of the best investments into my business.

  7. Thanks a million James! Awesome training. You seemed to pack an incredible amount of information into a couple of relatively short sessions. By the end of the second session I reckon I’ve got the basics well and truly under my belt.

    You were incredibly patient (even though you say you’re not!) through 2 computer crashes (one mine, one yours) and you made something that I thought was extremely complex into a simple process by breaking everything down into simple, understandable pieces. I now how the template for every submission I’ll ever do. What I initially thought was going to take hours and hours, I’m now accomplishing quite quickly and I expect I’ll get faster and faster.

    I feel like I’ve made a great friend. Thanks James

  8. Great info James. You are always very helpful on the MS webinars. If I had not already bought MS I would get it from you to take advantage of the 2 hours of training.

  9. If like me you are stuck trying to get your head around MS then James is your man. He has taught me things about the product that I would have never figured out on my own especially around campaign training.

    Well worth the money and I have now booked in more training with him.

  10. Hey James, great training…..where have you been all my life?

    You explained things very clearly and I thank you for your time, pacience and help. I am so grateful to have met you on the net and you are, honestly, the most helpful internet trainer I have come across.

    I will be very happy to recommend your training. Keep up the good work and accept these little stars as my appreciation ****************:)

  11. James is the man. I highly recommend him. He has always been helpful for me and willing to share his time with my many questions. Investing in his coaching is time well spent and you will be up and running. Thanks James for your great service. I would be lost without it. :)

  12. Mr. Tillman

    This is the best money I have spent on a training. His knowledge is so thorough and his blueprints for dominating a niche is so thorough that it is unbelievable. I was skeptical about purchasing a training and I have had Magic Submitter for over 2 years. I was in disbelief about what I did not know that Magic Submitter can do when you know how to program it effectively. Im proficient with SEO and even I learned some new things. His training should be a requirement for any person who obtains Magic Submitter. Get his training it will be the best money you invest for being effective with dominating with Magic Submitter. Thanks James we will train again next week.

  13. Tieron Spear

    Great Training today… blew my mind how powerful Magic Submitter really is. I will take the time to invest more time into learning the system.

  14. Hi James,

    I just wanted to thank you for your video on finding quality article writers on Odesk! I found it to be loaded with useful tips and tricks for finding the best writers!

    Once I get a little more acquainted with MS I’ll be setting up some 1 on 1 coaching with you in the near future!

    Thanks again for that awesome Odesk video!


  15. Thanks James for all your help today. The clarification that you provided was vital to my success with magic submitter. You were awesome!

  16. Toni

    My name is Toni. I have been using MSubmitter since May 2011. Alex has been very helpful since. But having James is very useful as well. I wanted to have one to one training at the early stages and I could not. In December 2012 since I saw that James was offering some sessions. I decided to book 4 lessons and I am so glad I did. I have learned a lot more and not only for MSubmitter. I keep asking him for advise regularly and he is always very eager to help. Thank you James. I am so glad I know you and I can rely on your advice and I will book another lessons if I need for sure for any SEO issues. Thank you for being there for us.

  17. Dave Ellis

    Thanks James for helping slot a few of the missing pieces into place with Magic Submitter.

    I have joined the newsletter and look forward to your informative updates.

    I have also used your Odesk tips and blending tool to great effect.



  18. Anthony Zheng Gao

    Hi Dear All,
    Just finished the training with James, he definitely knows what he is doing, very professional and dedicated to teaching. I am impressed, when i ready to get vps for magic submitter, i definitely find James again. Everybody needs to get his training he is definitely the guy to go to for magic submitter training.

    Anthony Zheng Gao

  19. James, thank you very much for the gr8 video about the article outsourcing task.We so far have trained with you for better than 3 hours and as far as the crew is concerned this was what we still needed, because non of us are native English speaking guys. You want to get beyond just basic back-linking. ms projects, James is your perfect mentor to do well


  20. Thanks for the article outsourcing video. I enjoyed it. I am going to give this a shot.

  21. Zheng Gao

    Hi Everybody, James gives great ideas on the article outsourcing. He is highly recommend by David Sprague. I believe he will deliver great training and content. Will get his 1 hour training soon.

    Anthony Zheng Gao

  22. Errol

    I purchased Magic Submitter a few weeks back and found it to be a very powerful SEO tool. But as I have found out through my own frustration, having control of such a powerful tool is only beneficial if you know how to control it correctly. This is where James comes in.

    After using Magic Submitter for a week or two, I was sure I could be using it better. But trying to learn each and every individual function would have taken months. So I got in contact with James and after a couple of lessons, I now feel a hell of a lot more confident in getting good results with this software.

    James took the time to set up MS correctly for my needs. He then guided me on the best way to use MS and set up campaigns which when submitted, Google will love!

    If you want to have any level of success with Magic Submitter but don’t have months of time to learn from your mistakes, grab some tutorial time with this guy! He has saved me so much time and he has also divulged some little tips which you will not find in any of the MS tutorials. He will help your raise your SEO game immensely. I have saved a massive amount of time and been given knowledge (about set up and application of MS) which would have been difficult to get from anywhere else.

    You will never see me writing many reviews but I will say this: An MS tutorial with James is an investment that will pay for itself right away! Highly recommended and thanks for your help mate.

  23. Vince

    James goes above and beyond just MS training and provides valuable insights into current SEO techniques that work.

    Highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to train with.

    If you want your MS campaigns to look as natural as possible his service is a must.

    Probably the best money i have spent with regards to SEO in years, and the charges are more than reasonable when you weigh them up against your or your clients ROI.

    The MS training videos simply do not compare with training 1 to 1 with James his tips and tricks are not just useful but essential.

    I will be using James services in the future for sure, if you are reading this and unsure don’t be, make the call to James and you will never look back.

    Many many thanks James and best rgds Vince

  24. Brenda

    The Magic Submitter training made my campaigns runs so much more effective. The detailed coaching has more than doubled my productivity and the campaigns are now showing some amazing results in the rankings. Can’t thank you enough.

  25. If your thinking about starting a campaign with magic Submitter, do yourself a favour and be sure to get trained with James first. He shows you how to setup a campaign properly, so to stay as safe with google.
    A big Thank You James for your training mate. Second to None

  26. I spent some time going thru videos of MS and things just weren’t happening quick enough for me so I found James link on MS website and emailed him. We skyped the next day, was very impressed with what he said and showed me online with screen sharing. I signed up for an hour with him to see how it went and immediately after did a six hour package.His training saved me months of learning. he’s THE REAL DEAL. His style of training is great and hes fun to work with. I recommend him highly

  27. Did a session with James this afternoon. Have had Magic Submitter for approximately six months now and always believed that the results for our campaings should be better. After a session with James it was obvious why my VA’s efforts were providing less than stellar results. James will assit you in fine tuning your campaigns and get peak production out of each run you do with Magic Submitter.

    Time is money and if you don’t have a money tree in your yard you really need to partner with James and skyrocket your rankings.

    BONUS: James teaching style is amazing!

  28. I booked James for 2 x 1 hour sessions but actually he gave me more than 2 hours of his time. James was very patient with me, explaining everything in detail and really gave me a good insight into how he uses MS to manage his local SEO business. I am really grateful to James for his time, patience and advice on not only how to get the most out of MS but also the business of starting and running a local SEO business.

    Thank you James. Top geezer.

  29. Paul O'Brien


    First of all, I would just like to say a BIG . . . thanks to James for my 1st tutorial session.

    It’s one thing to have a phenomenal tool like Magic Submitter at my disposal, but to have James as my coach is absolutely invaluable.

    What you will find with James is a sincerity to get you on track to success quickly with Magic Submitter.

    I would love to write more in this comment but I have two very important things to do…

    (1). Implement the great Magic Submitter strategies James just taught me.

    (2). Book my next session with James.

    I highly recommend magicsubmittertutorials.com for training if anyone is serious about using Magic Submitter to it’s full potential. What a great teacher for a great link-building tool.

    Thanks again, James

  30. When I think of how much money and time I have wasted trying to go it alone and doing everything myself-I just wish I had found James sooner! He is very knowledgeable,helpful,patient and kind and has given me the knowledge and confidence to take my business to the next level. I am absolutely delighted with James’ service and professionalism and highly recommend him to all those still sitting on the fence or bending down to pick up dimes and leaving dollars on the table!

  31. I hired James for a one-hour session that cleared up some issues and removed some roadblocks I had in using MS. James is honest and straightforward in his advice and his training allowed me to move forward with my campaigns. If you’re having trouble with MS I highly recommend that you hire James. He will go the extra mile to help you.

  32. Dean

    James..He really simplified and helped me figure out the BEST way to use Magic submitter, so that I could get great LONG term results. He really adapted his training to my needs…As well, for those thinking about using this software, I suggest thinking LONG term, and NOT get frustrated from the first week or month of usage.. Its like anything..It takes time to learn something worthwhile. I’m certain, that those who master this tool, will be paid back in coming months.

    Thanks again James… Top Act! ;)

  33. As a new Magic Submitter customer I found James to be very knowledgeable about how to leverage the power of Magic Submitter. I would strongly recommend anyone new to Magic Submitter to spend at least 1 hour one on one with James to understand the best way to utilize this powerful SEO tool.

    As I have more complex projects or things I need help with James will be my “GOTO GUY” when it comes to Magic Submitter. A+ service, he’s very patient and you will get a lot out of the 1 hour training.

  34. Frank

    I spent an hour with James helping me through parts of MS that were not working properly for me. It was well worth the time! James helped me correct what I was doing wrong and shared some additional strategies outside of MS. We decided to stop the campaigns I had running and restart using the strategies James helped me with. I plan to get my campaigns going again and then follow up with additional trainings next week.

  35. Ken

    Magic Submitter is an orchestra, not an instrument. If you want MS to sound like a Symphony let James Direct
    you through it. He has the patience and skill to keep you from missing a beat.

  36. Jack Corn

    James, what can I say but I’ve appreciated the long hours of training and idea sessions we’ve engaged in. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

  37. Leo

    1 hour of one on one with James was well worth the investment. For some reason even with all video training and pdf training available to me I still sometimes need some hand holding. James helped answer some unanswered questions and in my opinion was easy to learn from and patient with me. If you have any questions on how to get the most out of MS I highly recommend you get his help. Worth the investment! Really cool guy and very helpful!

  38. James,

    Thanks so very much for the time you spent with me explaining MS! You TRULY opened my eyes to what is happening “behind the scenes” as well as to the basic function and power of MS! You are extremely patient and are an excellent instructor who I would certainly recommend to anybody who may be struggling with MS! I’m so excited about doing things in the proper context so that I get the ranking I need. I appreciate your guidance with subject areas that didn’t fall under the guise of being strictly MS oriented. You showed me that you have a great attitude in making sure I was in complete understanding of the “what, why and how” of why “other things” relevant to running a campaign must be done first and must be done correctly. That proves to me that you truly DO want success for your students! I look forward to a follow-up session to make sure things are running correctly. Thanks again!!

  39. Patrick Godknecht

    James, First, I want to say thank you for your help.

    To everyone else, let me say this if you are here reading this than you know about MS. This software that Alex has created is what a online marketer will need from now on to reach the front page of Google. However if you would rather pay and manage an army of SEO types, you may not need it. This software is all about looking natural to Google. James has helped me to understand and learn the software quickly. The videos that are available are very good. David and Alex’s live training is excellent, however there is nothing like being able to have access to your own personal coach, who is an expert and uses the software himself. If you want your campaigns right the first time, click the order button. If you want to cut your learning curve down, click the order now button. Remember this though…..You will be glad you did.

  40. I just got off a session with James and it was amazing. He spent more time with me than I expected (and paid for). He just seems nice that way. Anyway, I learned about profiles, Google updates and how to use MS to combat them, scheduler tips, campaign setup and a few very handy shortcuts. I even learned about proxies and randomizing content. I will definately be coming back for more training.

  41. I emailed MS several times for one on one coaching since i wasnt picking things up as quickly 3 months using the software. James was on The MS live training and I immediately took advantage of the chance. I have learned details, strategies and procedures I would of never learned on my own or in the 2 live coaching Calls. I have 7 websites in the fitness industry and I have alot of campaigns on many plates. James has been friendly, patient and just an awesome guy. I have schedule training with him consistently and I recommend you do the same. A great mentor and coach to guide you in your journey to surpass your competition!!!
    James your the Best, keep up the amazing work

  42. There are many programs that appear to do what Magic Submitter offers, not one of them works or feels like a partnership. In the main it’s take the money and run. The developer put me in touch with James who absolutely understands not only the program but the issues behing ethical SEO.

    It’s not about getting 1000′s of backlinks in 24 hours or taking 6 months to learn how to develop a strategy. We spoke with James initially and then decided to let him guide us.

    1. James showed me how to get a VPS for a fraction of what we usually pay

    2. Pointed me to where we could get spun articles this alone saved us hundreds of hours

    3. Set up a series of 15 day campaigns that are now on auto pilot

    I would have no hesitation in saying the quality of James work is outstanding and of significant real monetary value. We could have wasted hundreds of my hours learning this awesome program to get to where James put me within three days of initially speaking with him. Worth every penny we spent and we want to get James on a retainer as we are sure he has much to offer.

    Thanks James and well done.

  43. James,
    You are a gentleman and a scholar. You’ve taken me from guessing and praying on every campaign to creating legitimate results oriented magic submitter campaigns that are strong and work well.

    You are a champ and will be my first and only stop for all of my MS answers and support. Your charges are quite reasonable and I will easily make that back many times with the knowledge you’ve shared with me.

    Thank you very much!

  44. I learned about James’ services during a webinar training for Magic Submitter and Im very glad I did. The training videos on their site can only do so much, sometimes you need personal coaching to really get the most out of something. Im very happy with my session with James. He’s a great guy, very knowlegable, and very fair. I feel much more comfortable with the software after doing the coaching with him and I will be coming back for more in the near future. Thanks very much James!

  45. Jay is a good guy. I have been in the technology industry over 20 years and can get a good sense from talking to someone in a few minutes if the person is a tool or a good guy….

    I needed help with the “how to” of Magic Submitter. The videos are a bit overwhelming in volume and length plus none of them is completely up to date with how particular capabilities in the product actually work (the devil is in the details). I also find that I learn better when I can see working examples of things.

    So I contacted Jay and talked to him and found that he knows his stuff on the product; he personally uses it for his business. He understood what I needed and then actually provided me with the answers to the questions and guided me to “get things done”….

    I would emphasize the idea that you do have to “do things” and Jay was a great help to me actually showing me how things work and how to optimize the submissions.

    SO if you are wondering if it is worth spending the money… If you are going to do something for your business getting consulting from Jay is CERTAINLY worth the investment. I recommend him highly.

  46. David Nichol

    The training James provided was excellent. He quickly cleared up so many questions I had with Magic Submitter. His knowledge and ability to provide clear instruction saved me hours upon hours of frustration and confusion. He put me on a fast track to putting this amazing software to work.

    If you have found yourself scratching your head after watching all of the magic submitter training videos like I did, than save yourself some time and contact James.

    Having a teacher and mentor of his caliber is invaluable and without a doubt well worth the investment.

    Thanks James I am looking forward our next training!

  47. Chad DeBolt

    James has to be one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. The training that Magic Submitter comes with is pretty good by itself but if you really want to harness the true power of the software, get to know all of the little tweaks you can make, and really learn how to build a strategy around using MS for your actual REAL campaign/site/project then you need to work with James. I learned more in our first hour working than I had in the weeks going through the standard MS training.

    If you are looking to fast track your ability to freaking dominate with MS then you need to hook up with James and have him walk you through the best MS set up and strategy specific to your custom sites and goals.

  48. Carole W

    James, thank you so much for the patience and consideration you have shown me during our Magic Submitter Trainings.
    I find learning new software systems quite daunting but you have patiently and expertly got me through those moments of frustration when I just couldn’t understand what I was trying to achieve and why the detail is was so important.
    Because of your knowledge of both Magic Submitter and SEO and along with your training style and skill you have taught me so much and given me the confidence to believe in myself and my ability to make a success of this business.
    James I really appreciate what you have done for me, and I hope others can read this and be assured they will definitely get tremendous value from training sessions with you.
    Again, thank you so much
    Carole W
    p.s. Your sense of humour helps a lot as well!

  49. James has opened my eyes to Magic Submitter. He is a patient and amusing coach. You’re not only getting MS training but you’re also getting it from someone who truly understands SEO.

  50. Steve

    James is really good and teaches alot ive used him for one hour so far but I am fixing to pay him for a full campaign run to learn what he knows.

  51. James is a pro in Magic submitter. He has great application knowledge of both the software and more importantly for ranking in search enginges which is the key. In the first 15 minutes of our consult he provided me two valuable inputs which anyone else would have charge more than $250 for. I enjoyed the first session and I am looking forward for the second.. It is not easy to get good coaches. I want to thank James for raising the bar in coaching for magic submitter – Vish

  52. Automating your SEO is not only cost effective but it’s a necessity in today’s world of rankings. Magic Submitter is a very robust piece of software that will allow you to have your own team of back-linkers right on your desktop.

    But first you have to learn how to use it…

    Learning new software has never been easy for me. But James is an excellent teacher and he knows this software inside and out. Working with him has saved me hundreds of hours and kept me from making mistakes in the way I format my content, create my links and set up my campaigns.

    His knowledge of SEO is quite advanced and the tips and tricks you’ll pick up from him will help you immensely when structuring your SEO strategy.

    I highly recommend James, his service is excellent and his rates are very affordable.

    George Taylor
    Manila, Philippines

  53. I have used James’ service long before he posted on the Warrior forum and I 100% back his training. The guy is amazing at what he does and the work we’ve done together has really boosted my search rankings. Before starting out with James I thought I was good at SEO but he tought me so much great stuff!! I was new to MS but after only 2 days and a few hours a day, one on one training….Im using magic submitter like a SEO Rockstar….. ALL my key words are moving up in the serps!! Thanks James!! …..I’ll be telling everyone about your service.

  54. Max

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for an excellent one2one coaching session. MS has changed the way we work. Without MS we would struggle to cope with the work we have. I have spend hours upon hours every single day determined to master MS so we can get the best out of the most amazing piece of software we have seen in 29 years . The 2 hours I have been able to spend with you have not only been worth every single cent I paid but has done far more. Now thanks to your excellent teaching skills the last pieces have fallen into place and at the same time I know that there will be more coaching needed to perfect and increase our know how of how to use this wonderful tool. I will book you again next week for more coaching.

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